We offer the highest quality American orthodontic braces.

        Orthodontics is an effective long-term solution for a beautiful smile and correcting your bite. Orthodontics is a specialization in dentistry that focuses on aligning and straightening teeth with wires and brackets, exerting gentle pressure on the teeth to move them to a specific position. Orthodontic appliances are adapted individually to the patient's requirements. Dr Akbar Shahnazari, thanks to cooperation with Western professors heals his patients by the latest methods, without unnecessary surgery and tooth extraction.

At our facility You can pay for cashless treatment in installments by in installments thanks to

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Overlay whiteing

Białe zęby uśmiech wybielanie nakładkowe

        A white smile is a complement to a simple and beautiful smile. Aesthetic dentistry is very popular nowadays. A beautiful white and simple smile is a man's business card. We offer safe teeth whitening using an individual method