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ortodonta Akbar Shahnazari

Orthodontist M.D. PH.D. Akbar Shahnazari

         We started operating in the field of orthodontics in 1995. In the meantime, Dr. Akbar Shahnazari was the scientific director orthodontic training company in Warsaw with the most popular American professors, fathers of modern orthodontics. Since 1995, the doctor is a member of the American orthodontists association. In 2008 he obtained a PhD in medical sciences. He gained his knowledge during international trainings around the world, most orthodontists in Warsaw boast diplomas signed by Dr. Akbar Shahnazari. In our institution, non-extraction treatment is carried out, i.e. without unnecessary removal of permanent teeth to patients during orthodontic procedures. We only work on AO American Orthodontics highest quality materials. At our facility there is a family atmosphere, which promotes visits with children who feel good with us. We can cure the most difficult malocclusions, often our patients are people who have been refused treatment by many orthodontists, a At our facility they gained a perfect smile.